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Ocean Shield - Sydney Harbour.

Ocean Shield - Sydney Harbour,5.10.2013.

The ship is a sister ship to the Australian Customs Vessel Ocean Protector.[1][4] She has a displacement of 6,500 tonnes, is 105.9 metres (347 ft) in length, has a beam of 21 metres (69 ft), and a draught of 6.6 metres (22 ft).[1][4] The propulsion system consists of two Rolls-Royce 3,000-kilowatt (4,000 hp) azimuth thrusters at the stern, two 1,800-kilowatt (2,400 hp) tunnel thrusters at the bow, plus a 1,500-kilowatt (2,000 hp), retractable azimuth thruster, also near the bow.[4] Maximum speed is 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph).[4] Power is generated by four Wärtsilä 2,880-kilowatt (3,860 hp) medium speed diesel generators.[4] The vessel is equipped and rated as a Dynamic Positioning Class 2 vessel and has an ice class of 1B.[citation needed]

On 19 March 2012, the Australian government announced the purchase of Skandi Bergen in a group of Defence acquisitions.[5] The ship cost A$130 million: the price did not include the vessel's subsea equipment,[3][5] which included ROV-operating equipment and an offshore crane with a 250-tonne safe working load (SWL).[citation needed] This equipment was retained by the shipyard for installation in a replacement vessel ordered by DOF Subsea, with a 60-tonne SWL crane fitted instead.[3][5][6] On 3 June 2012, the ship's new name, Ocean Shield, was announced.[1] Although tasked by the RAN, Ocean Shield is operated by a civilian crew, and will bear the prefix "Australian Defence Vessel" (ADV), instead of being commissioned and receiving the HMAS prefix.[1][5]

The ship will be used to transport equipment and personnel as part of humanitarian and disaster relief operations.[1] Ocean Shield will supplement the capability of the amphibious warfare ships Tobruk and Choules until the Canberra class ships enter service.[1][5] The ship has accommodation for around 100 people, and is equipped with a helipad.[4] She also has 1,000 square metres (11,000 sq ft) of deck area for cargo and equipment.[6]

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